Top 5 Team Building Themes for Foodies

Food brings people together. Inspire team building by gathering everyone for some fun around a prep table! We encourage friendly competition at our events so teams compete in challenges to win bonus ingredients. Of course taste testing is also a requirement! We hope you get inspired to try some of these mouthwatering activities!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza is a Chicago favorite! Teams come up with some interesting combinations from spicy chorizo to sweet pineapple and bacon…the results are delicious. We enjoy this theme for locals as well as visitors as a great way to introduce a Chicago staple. Pizza is one item that pretty much everyone enjoys and it’s fun to see what will win over the judges.

Speaking of spicy, teams tend to get into Sassy Salsa Showdown. Throw in a guacamole challenge and now we’re talking about a serious appetizer competition. This is a great team building activity to lead up to a group dinner. Add some margaritas and you’ve got a party going.

Mixing things up with Creative Cocktails
Mixing things up with Creative Cocktails

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! If your team likes mixology, we suggest breaking out the little drink umbrellas. We provide a variety of liquors including vodka, whiskey and gin along with some interesting ingredients to inspire your group of bartenders. Items may include local herbs, organic juices and even bold spices. Some teams get a blender mixing any cocktail with some shaved ice for a frosty treat. Consider challenging teams to make a cocktail to compliment your meeting theme.

Food trucks are all the rage, and our latest food team building event, Food Truck Frenzy does not disappoint! Teams receive a food category such as BBQ or Panini truck and are challenged to create a signature dish. Trucks are decorated according to theme and awards given for décor, taste and creativity. Teams make enough for everyone to sample, and this team building event provides a good appetizer for a cocktail party or pre-dinner challenge.

Food Collection for the Greater Chicago Food Depository
Food Collection for the Greater Chicago Food Depository

A wonderful opportunity for companies to combine their love of food, and team building with a charitable twist is to pack boxes for a local food pantry. Teams complete food themed challenges to win additional items for their boxes. We recommend having a representative from the selected charity or food pantry come to receive the generous donation and share more information about their cause, when they are available.

Let us know if you want to get in the kitchen with us… We’d love to work with you to cook up some excitement at your next team building function!

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