(Remote) Team Building Trends & Networking News, July 2020

Corporate Groups Earnestly Embrace Change

By Linda Whitlock

Hello Everyone,
For most corporate groups, it appears that we may be interacting remotely for a bit longer. Kudos to planners who are finding new platforms, programs, and partners to produce their virtual experiences. Who knew we would all become tech experts overnight? Check out the  BizBash Virtual Event Guide – an excellent source of information!
Our CEI team is navigating the trend — creating more innovative activities to help keep your remote employees and attendees engaged. Whether you are looking for an energizing break in your virtual conference, an exciting activity to help boost morale or an inspiring way to give back to the community, our programs are completely customizable to your company and message that you would like to convey.

Faded pastel violet colored flower and magenta colored buds, very shallow focus with green leaves out of focus in the background. Text over image reads: "“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new. Socrates"

Program Highlight: New Remote and Small Group Offerings!

Team Experiences:
Bring groups together with our unique team experiences, presented in-person or via live video stream. These events are the perfect solution to promote team spirit, boost morale, and provide plenty of laughs for teams that have been working remotely.

Networking and Meeting Energizers:
Designed to rejuvenate attendees, foster relationships, and infuse energy into your meeting, these interactive programs are great ways to kick-off your event, provide that much-needed burst of energy at the halfway point, or present as a stand-alone networking experience.

CSR Programs:Offer an opportunity for attendees to give back to the community. Presented in a game-sharing format, participants enjoy collaborating in an entertaining activity as they earn donation items or dollars for a select cause.

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Partner Highlight: MPI Chicago Area Chapter

We are proud and grateful to have strong partnerships with many members of MPI-CAC! This week, we had so much fun presenting iQuiz at MPI Membership Monday! We look forward to continuing our partnership and producing many more successful events in the future! To learn more about MPI-CAC and how to become a member, click here .
Check out what some of our participants had to say below!

“Thanks SO much to Linda and CEI team for all of your time and effort to make the member Monday so much fun!”
“What great fun! Thank you so much, CEI!”