(Remote) Team Building Trends & Networking News, June 2020

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Summer! Undoubtedly the favorite season for Chicagoans as everyone gets outside to play. Even with social distancing in place, being outside is a great stress-reliever and can provide mental clarity after being shut in place for so long.  
Innovative activities and programs are popping up all over – yoga in the (virtual) park, online concerts, farmers markets, drive-in movies! Even summer camps and festivals are being reimagined to help us come alive in the summer.  
Another favorite summer experience is Adventure Hunts. Whether remote, in-person with small groups, or a hybrid – these engaging and enlightening activities continue to be popular options for corporate groups and new student orientation.  
It is exciting to see how organizations are adapting to create innovative events to free our summer spirit! How will you spend your summer this year?
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Program Highlight: iQuest University Remote Team Adventure

iQuest University Remote Team Adventure provides the perfect virtual orientation to educate students and faculty about campus services and policies and to generate excitement about the upcoming school year. Allow your students and faculty to safely explore their new campus through this remote activity that promotes community, collaboration, and creativity!
Students meet up via video conference and download our award-winning iQuest app onto their mobile device. After a welcome from our emcee, or a campus official, students are divided into teams to collaborate together in a fun, friendly competition.
During the iQuest Orientation, students:

  • Build relationships with other students
  • Explore their campus virtually
  • Connect with upper-class student leaders
  • Discover helpful campus services
  • Learn about unique school traditions and folklore
  • Capture photos, videos and memories
  • Have fun!

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Why Choose CEI for your Virtual Orientation?

CEI’s revolutionary approach to producing exceptional events during this era of social distancing and remote programming comes to life in iQuest University Remote Team Adventure!
We’ve worked with several schools to engage their staff and students, including:

  • The University of Chicago — Booth School of Business
  • University of Illinois Chicago — College of Medicine
  • Loyola University Retreat Center for High School Students

iQuest University is completely customizable to your school’s messaging, branding, and other objectives, with a wide range of question formats and photo and video challenges. We work with you to create just the right experience for your team and students.

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