Team Building that Rocks in the New Year

The start of the new near is a great time for companies to set the tone for the year ahead. Team building creates an experience that builds community and personal connections. We design programs to engage everyone in the activity.

Music is the perfect vehicle to connect and engage attendees, as it encourages collaboration and allows people to share their talents, support their colleagues and learn something new. Music can bring people of all ages, races and cultures together…it’s a proactive way to build common ground.
At the Corporate Event Interactive (CEI) office, there’s a Spotify playlist playing in the background pretty much all day long. Music is part of our office culture and has inspired some of our favorite team building activities. In fact, we have so many music oriented programs that you are sure to find one that will suit your group. In one of the sessions, you also get some good Conga Lessons.

Tunes & Taste Buds

Team holding up awards for chili challenge
Red Hot Chili Challenge Champs

Red Hot Chili Challenge – This activity is one of our favorites new programs because it combines food and music! Teams compete in music themed challenges in order to earn ingredients from the market to whip up their chili recipe. Need an extra dash of hot sauce? Well you might just have to perform an air guitar solo to add that item to your pantry. Participants will want to brush up on their music trivia to answer rapid fire questions in a timed showdown against other teams. At the end of the competition, team leaders present their chili to the judges and have a chance to earn extra points if their presentation is in tune! If your goal is to help your employees find things in common, especially if they do not know each other well, this event is a wonderful way for people to share their personal tastes in both food and music.

Use Music to Feed the Soul

“Build” Brothers Jake & Elwood with Children from Boys & Girls Club

Rock in the new year with the “Build” Brothers Charity Challenge, our Blues Brothers themed program, benefiting a local charity. Jake and Elwood greet teams and kick off the event with a high energy performance. The event room has been transformed into a fully functioning woodshop, where teams compete in challenges, including a dance off, to earn the tools necessary to build furniture for those in need.

This event is ideal for a company on a mission to do good and give back to the local community. Our team will work with you to select a charity that is in line with your company’s mission and can customize the activities and challenges to reflect your goals.

Bringing You Back in Time

Emcee dressed in 80s style clothes with Rubik's Cube
Throw Back to the 80s with a Rubik’s Cube Challenge

If your team members grew up loving Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, or Metallica, then 80’s Time Machine is the perfect event for your group. Whether you come dressed preppie, collar up and penny loafer clad, or punk, in torn acid washed jeans and Doc Martens, plan to compete for some serious bragging rights. Music themed challenges may include identifying music videos from the early days of MTV or assembling photos of band members into the correct groups.
Of course, no 80’s themed event is complete without discovering who in the company is the Rubik’s Cube master. If time permits, teams may also play a rousing game of Gag Me with a Spoon. This light hearted event will throw back to a time when all you needed was a comb in your back pocket and a Madonna song playing on the radio. The goal to create common ground is particularly effective if the team members have a fondness for the 80’s and desire to have a totally tubular time.

5 Minutes of Fame

Rockin’ It Out on Stage

A familiar melody can make you want to get up and dance, scream and shout, or grab your guitar and strum along. Rock Star Challenge gives your group the opportunity to do all of that and more! Team members receive the name of a real musician and work the room until they find all the other band members in their group. Each member competes in individual or group challenges to earn the band record gold stars.

No rock star challenge would be complete without a stage performance. To earn points and entertain the crowd, bands can dress up and rock out to their favorite songs. This event is perfect for a group that is outgoing or comfortable to let loose on the stage.

Rhythms & Beats

Getting the Group in Rhythm

For those team members that don’t think they can carry a tune or may not want their time in the spotlight, try a group lesson. Global Team Rhythm Experience introduces guests to music from around the world. This activity encourages guests to interact and learn how to create music together. Team members try an assortment of drums and other percussion instruments, exploring rhythms from different continents.

Whether it’s cooking up some tasty tunes or rocking out on stage, we are here to help you kick off the new year on the right note with community building activities. We are your partner for customized, dynamic team building events that are fun and effective.

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Corporate Event Interactive – Linda, Jodi, Bob & Tricia