Team Building Trends & Networking News, April 2021

Another Virtual Summer for Corporate Groups

By Linda Whitlock

Things are looking better each day for getting back together in-person! But, we are not quite there yet…  Most corporate groups continue to plan for virtual or hybrid programs throughout the summer. It is encouraging to see companies starting to rebuild after major downsizing and restructuring last year — now is the time to capture the momentum and unify these new organizational structures. Team building can help! National sales meetings, new-hire training sessions, group outings, and other corporate gatherings are still happening and can all benefit from interactive fun! At CEI, we continue to innovate with our clients to meet their needs and deliver unique interactive events.   

Let’s connect and get innovative for your group this summer! 

~ Linda

iQuiz Custom Team Challenge
A custom-designed program to emphasize your company mission and message through gamification. Presented by our professional emcee, teams collaborate in breakout rooms to complete engaging challenges and capture group photos and videos in a friendly competition.
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Our virtual escape room. Teams work together to solve clues and unravel cryptic messages to escape Con-Artist Joe’s study before the clock runs out!
Click here for more information on iEscape

iQuest Chicago Adventure Hunt
An informative and interactive adventure around town! Participants explore the city with our award-winning app, learn about its history and little-known facts, complete fun challenges as they get to know each other. 
Click here for more information oniQuest Chicago Adventure Hunt

iQuest University
An innovative welcome experience for students. Armed with the iQuest University app as tour guide, students engage in a unique game-sharing adventure around campus.
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Overhead shot of iridescent square tiles, reflecting hues of turquoise, yellow, magenta, and violet, laid out in a circular fashion around a central tile, the center point is offset to the right side of the image. Text over image reads, "Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein"