Team Building Trends & Networking News, March 2021

We Want to Network!

By Linda Whitlock

It has been sooo long since we could shake hands, pat each other on the back, and network in person. Are we losing touch? Or are we more connected than ever? With social media at our fingertips, however, it is relatively simple to find friends and colleagues. Getting to know new people in a work setting is more challenging and takes a bit more effort. At CEI we like to provide gamification at meetings and events to help attendees network and bond. Zoom fatigue diminishes if you are actively engaged. Friendships develop in a fun atmosphere!

Networking Insights and Strategies

Possibly more than ever before, networking is a crucial piece of your success whether you are looking for growth and advancement personally or professionally. But who says networking can’t be fun?? Below are a few helpful tips to keep that needle moving forward towards your goals while having some FUN along the way:

Be a Memorable Connection
Add value to your relationships by referring people, sharing experiences and tips, inviting each other to join the same interesting online networking events, and help them boost their reputation on social media. Remember, networking includes liking, sharing, posting, following, and tagging. By showing that you care, you simply endorse yourself and increase engagement even without physical interaction.     
Be Selective
When possible, choose events where you know you’ll have something in common with people, like conferences that relate specifically to your industry or happy hours put on by your alumni association. If there is a theme or an interactive activity involved, even better!!   

Dress for Success
Wear something that makes you feel great even if you’re sitting at home for the event! Your favorite shirt, a statement necklace or a pair of fun snoopy socks ~ feeling comfortable and knowing you look fabulous is a serious confidence booster. 

Make a Connection
If you aren’t comfortable speaking up during virtual presentations, webinars, or panels, not to worry. Follow up afterwards with the attendees by making a one-on-one connection. It doesn’t matter whether it’s via LinkedIn, email, or even over the phone. Virtual coffee meetings are an easy way to interact on your terms. 

Go with Conversation Starters
Attending a networking event in any format is a whole lot easier when you have a few icebreakers in your back pocket. Be creative – anything from a good clean joke or a fun current events story to something like “what is the last picture you took with your phone” or “what is your favorite appetizer” 

Set a Goal AND a Reward for each Networking Event
Have a specific goal in mind when you’re reaching out to new people. It could be something like connecting with 3 new people or setting up a follow up call.  When you meet it, treat yourself to something that makes you happy such as a new neighborhood carry out or a Netflix rental.  
overhead image of treetops with autumn colors of orange and faded yellow on trees, a few scattered trees have lost leaves. Text over image reads, "Networking is not collecting contacts. Networking is about planting relations. Mishaat"

March Featured Programs

Social Scavenger HuntGet ready for a virtual networking extravaganza at your next meeting or conference! Featuring a digital game board, social media integration and fast-paced bonding activities, Social Scavenger Hunt is designed to elevate your attendee experience as they get to know one another.
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The Daily Kick Off
Motivate attendees/employees with energizing daily tasks in the days leading up to a meeting or conference. This self-guided activity provides upbeat and creative challenges. The focus is customized to your mission – Get Moving, Daily Inspiration, Boosting Morale, Meeting Prep or other theme.
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