Team Building Trends & Networking News, September 2021

Adding Value to Valuable Meetings

By Linda Whitlock

By Linda Whitlock

Every gathering with your team is valuable. Providing a chance to share, learn and grow company culture. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring everyone together – in person or virtual – and you want to make the most of it.
In addition to meeting business objectives in a formal meeting, strategic social activities connect your group in different ways.
They help:

  • Foster attendee relationships
  • Breakdown barriers and create trust
  • Promote corporate culture
  • Boost morale and team spirit
  • Provide opportunities to give back to the community

 It is more than just fun and games. Let’s connect and explore how you can incorporate a strategic activity that adds value to your next valuable meeting.
~ Linda

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Team Brainium
Teams revel in the excitement of this curiously different kind of game show as they compete in a variety of brainteasers, visual puzzles, trivia questions, physical and creative challenges infused with popular game show elements.
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