Team Building Trends & Networking News, June 2021

Chicago’s Team Building Company

By Linda Whitlock

At CEI, we are proud to celebrate over 30 years as Chicago’s Team Building company. From our founding as birthday party and corporate picnic creators in the 80’s to our current innovative team events, CEI has grown into a respected force in the hospitality industry. Our roots and connection to Chicago remain strong as we collaborate with outstanding organizations and support local charities. We are thankful for all the amazing relationships we’ve established over the years and we appreciate your continued support! 
~ Linda

iQuiz Summer Social
The ultimate experience for uniting your team with a playfully fun yet competitive environment! Participants collaborate virtually in teams to complete challenges and score as many points as possible!
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iQuiz The Team Games
The torch is lit so let the games begin. The teams have assembled for Olympic competition in our unique game-sharing experience! Your virtual Olympians collaborate using our customizable iQuiz app to encourage team bonding and unite colleagues in a common goal for a run to the gold.
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iQuest Chicago – In Person!
An informative and interactive adventure around town! Participants explore the city with our award-winning app, learn about its history and little-known facts, complete fun challenges as they get to know each other.
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Industry Insights and Strategies

DID YOU KNOW…?? That Chicago has its very own Made In Chicago museum? While hoping to open their physical exhibit in a new space for 2021, this online museum is open 24/7 and features little-known artifacts dating as far back as 1900. And, of course, it’s all MADE IN CHICAGO! “From old advertising tins to tools, toy trains, telephones, and typewriters, each product included in the Made-In-Chicago Museum provides a rabbit hole to its own unique little origin story—complete with the innovators, immigrants, entrepreneurs, and working stiffs who delivered it to the world.” A visit to this amazing virtual treasure vault will introduce you to Chicago’s industrial history through vintage, everyday objects to better understand how our beautiful city became one of the manufacturing capitals of the world.

photo of a steel bridge crossing over the Chicago river in the evening, light orange street lamps  reflecting on the river water that is slightly turbulent and glowing from the bluish hues of the sky, also reflected in the skyscrapers in the background across the river. Text over image "One of the hallmarks of Chicago is that we do so many things in an original manner. What other city has made a river flow backwards? What other city makes traffic flow backwards? - Mike Royko"