(Remote) Team Building Trends & Networking News, April 2020

Remote Team & CSR Experiences

By Linda Whitlock

Hello Everyone,It is difficult to comprehend our new world — very surreal! Like many of you, our events disappeared virtually overnight. We had to change our way of thinking about “interactive events” and innovate.
Staying true to our company mission, we’ve developed a series of Remote Team & CSR Experiences to keep employees motivated, inspired and connected — all without leaving the comfort and safety of home.
I hope that we can help bring some joy and ‘interaction’ to your team during this time.
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Program Highlight: Remote Team & CSR Experiences

Reconnect remote employees with our unique, game-sharing experiences — all without leaving the comfort and safety of home!
Choose from a variety of programs and we will facilitate team interaction through live video stream and our award-winning app.
With help from a remote event manager, our team experiences are the perfect solution to promote team spirit, boost morale and provide plenty of laughs for teams that work remotely.
Stay engaged. Stay motivated. Stay Remote.

Remote Team Programs for Team Building, Networking and Giving Back:

  • iQuiz Our thought-provoking, collaborative contest with team trivia, photos and videos.
  • iQuiz for a Cause Our iQuiz game combined with giving back to a charitable organization or first responders and healthcare professionals currently working the front lines.
  • The Daily Kick-Off The ultimate way to motivate your team for the day or week ahead.
  • iQuest A unique adventure around your neighborhood.
Remote Team Programs Feature:
Insightful, friendly competition
Remote production and facilitation
App available on iOS and android platforms
Engaging trivia questions
Remote photo and video challenges
Company-specific content
Image recognition
Real-time scoring
Live leaderboard
Poll-taking and feedback-style data capture
Team photo and video download
Fun for everyone!