(Remote) Team Building Trends & Networking News, May 2020

From the Expert

By Linda Whitlock

Hello Everyone!
For many of us, our new daily routine includes video conference meetings, schooling our kids, sharing photos from our WFH offices and ordering take-out. Now is the time to think about next steps!
How will you navigate through this?
What are your professional goals and objectives?
What are your biggest challenges?
Who can you depend on for support and information?
Each day I work to answer these questions for myself and I am grateful to be part of a progressive and compassionate industry with a vision! Our community is coming together to discuss what really matters, best practices and how to navigate our now reality.
Would you like to join us?
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Program Highlight: Remote Team & CSR Experiences

At CEI, we are helping teams stay connected and motivated with Remote Team & CSR Experiences.
Our programs are designed to:

  • Add levity to meetings
  • Energize participants
  • Promote healthy activity
  • Motivate individuals
  • Give back to the community
  • Boost morale and team spirit

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Why Choose a CEI Remote Event?

As virtual events become the norm, CEI has excelled at developing new remote activities that achieve incredible team engagement — even in a virtual setting.
Team Collaboration
We’ve combined our award-winning App with video conference software to provide a truly immersive environment — specifically developed with team collaboration in mind. 
Customization and Flexibility
We have the ability to create unique and personalized programs to satisfy each client’s goals and objectives.
Multimedia Team Challenges
Our App provides teams with the ability to work together to complete a variety of on-screen photo and video challenges — great for sharing at the end of the event!
Live Gameplay Features and Cross-Platform
Our custom technology syncs mobile devices in real-time — so teams can collaborate to solve challenges. Our live leaderboard creates an atmosphere of friendly competition. –
We are Part of a Global Team
Several years ago we joined a dynamic global network of event professionals who deliver interactive and tech-based events. Over 4,500 people and 750 teams have experienced our virtual tech events so far this year!

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