Team Building Trends & Networking News, February 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility: Why & How to Give Back

By Linda Whitlock
Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility is essential for today’s business owners. When companies are aware of the way their business practices affect both their stakeholders and the general public, this practice is valued as corporate citizenship.
Here is the Why:
In today’s media climate, customers, clients and employees are paying more attention to a company’s integrity and culture.Providing CSR opportunities at your event helps to foster a positive corporate image and promotes loyalty both internally, between employees and the company, and externally, between the company and its patronage.
Here is the How:
The following should considered to determine the ideal way to give back at your event.Amount of time you’d like to spend on your eventNumber of participants you’d like to involveDesired location for your eventSpecified budget for your eventSelected cause, corporate alignment, or local need
Facilitate anything from cleaning up a beach or park toparticipating in a combination team-building, care-package event!
Here Is How Your Company Can Execute a Rewarding CSR Event:
Send out pre-event info to your employees to garner excitement. Engage employees physically and mentally with contests that foster friendly competition.Invite a representative from the benefiting charity to speak.End with a photo opp of the team showcasing what they accomplished.Hire a team building company to bring your event to life!

Program Highlight: CSR Infusion

By Hannah Fisher

CSR Infusion is a program created and executed by Corporate Event Interactive. Engage your attendees in a meaningful experience at your multi-day meeting or conference with CSR Infusion! This program enables attendees to actively support the community by participating in a series of themed activities throughout your conference, culminating in a major donation to a local or national cause of your choice.
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“With the support of caring friends like you, we are able to help reach the children who need us the most. Thank you for your support and gifts.” 
 | Union League Boys & Girls Club
“We collected an amazing amount of school supplies for our designated charities. In addition, it’s a huge benefit to have CEI plan and facilitate the activity!” 
 | Accenture
“You guys are great. Thank you for being wonderful partners.”
 | Northern Trust

Tools of the Trade: Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator is an excellent resource as your company decides which charitable organization should be the beneficiary of your CSR event. This organization has been in the business of connecting donors to charitable organizations for the last 17 years.
“Your company can join the over 400,000 other informed givers and get updates on charity ratings, new features, hot topics, and tips for donating.” –
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Client Testimonial

“CEI is amazing! All of their staff goes out of their way to ensure the program is fantastic. From the first to the last step they are always willing to help, give advice and are always by my side.” 
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