(Remote) Team Building Trends & Networking News, October 2020

Virtual Holiday Team Experiences

By Linda Whitlock
Hello Everyone,
It’s hard to believe we’re already midway through October, and quickly transitioning into the Holiday season.
Our celebrations will certainly be different this year as companies and families gather virtually or in small groups. And, though we may not be able to break bread in person, we can still enjoy the season and be grateful for what we have.  

At CEI, we’ve developed a series of virtual team experiences that add joy to the festivities. We would love to partner with you to help spread cheer at your holiday party!
Celebrate the season with your team in a new way!

Virtual Holiday Team Experiences

iQuiz Jingle & Mingle: Revel in a friendly holiday competition!
Celebrate the season with a lively game-sharing experience! iQuiz Jingle & Mingle is the perfect way to bring your team together and spread cheer at your virtual holiday party. Guests dress in their most festive holiday attire, collaborate virtually using our winter game board and a series of 12 landing spaces, each featuring holiday-themed trivia questions, riddles, visual puzzles, and team photo and video challenges.
iEscape Holiday Edition: Escape Before the Clock Runs Out!
Spice up your holiday party with a holiday themed escape room! You and your colleagues are stuck in Scrooge’s study and must act quickly to escape before you are discovered! Work together to solve holiday-themed riddles and puzzles, unpack evidence, and crack the code before time runs out!
iQuiz for a Cause Holiday Edition: A New Twist on an Old Tradition
Bring your remote team together for a festive and heart-warming occasion. Teams compete against each other to answer trivia and complete whimsical holiday challenges in an effort to raise the most donation dollars or materials for their favorite charity or organization

Partner Highlight: Q Center

As we’re making the transition back to live events, we are so fortunate to have a great partner in the Q Center. Located in St. Charles, the sprawling 95-acre campus makes hosting socially distant and COVID-19 compliant events a breeze!
Over the past two weeks, we’ve hosted our first (of hopefully many to come) in-person events since February and it’s been incredible to be back operating as if nothing has changed. If you’re looking for an incredible event space, let us help plan your Q Center experience!

“Ability to produce and achieve the objectives of the client in a quick affordable manner is why Q Center will recommend and plan to partner with CEI whenever possible. Creative, enthusiastic, professional in all activities and correspondence. Pleasure working with you all – THANK YOU”
– Kimberly Mercado, Director of Conference Planning