Team Building Trends: Holiday Edition, November 2020

Celebrate Virtually

By Linda Whitlock

Virtual holiday parties and year-end celebrations are happening! Employees, colleagues, members, students and families still want – or need – to connect and celebrate.

Show appreciation and let everyone know that they are a valuable part of the organization. Messages, calls or cards go a long way! And, there are many options for virtual gatherings. From chocolate and wine tastings to gift box deliveries and care package building to dance parties and game-sharing experiences, the possibilities are endless. If you need ideas, we are happy to share resources!

It isn’t what you say — it’s how you celebrate it!

Get Social: Tips and Tricks

We’ve compiled the following list to help you step up your social media game. Give it a try and watch your social channels grow!
• Add current and active hashtags to posts to generate more exposure within industry searches.
• Utilize platform tools to their fullest on a consistent basis, such as the “Story Feature” which keeps viewers coming back for timely updates via Facebook and Instagram.
• Revamp visual content to create brand consistency and ensure your images are correctly sized for each platform. Try Canva, a user-friendly online design tool.
• Add relevant tags to locations, speakers and organizations for audience expansion.
• Follow accounts in the circles you wish to be associated with. As a result, your own following within these circles should increase if your content is applicable. 
• Track the success of these best practices by clicking on the insights in each platform. View impressions, accounts reached, content interactions, profile visits, story interactions, likes, shares and more. 
At CEI we have implemented the tips and tricks above to generate a stronger presence across all social platforms. We plan to ring in the new year with more activity than ever!

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Take your holiday event to the next level with Interactive Virtual Holiday Experiences:

Revel in a festive holiday competition with iQuiz Jingle & MingleEscape before the clock runs out with iEscape Holiday EditionExperience a new twist on an old tradition with iQuiz for a Cause

Check out our two newest iQuest (virtual) experiences — perfect for the holidays and every day:

iQuest Around the World: A lively game sharing experience that tests team’s travel acumen, communications skills and creativity as they visit 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles.iQuest Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Teams compete to locate various items around their home or office in a fast-paced get-out-of-your-seat hunt. And for a twist, teams submit photos and videos and answer trivia questions for additional points.