Top Summer Team Building Activities to Boost the Fun!

The sunshine and warmer days are here. Taking part in summer team building activities is a great way to soak up the rays while maximizing your days together. Fresh air and sunlight are good for the body, and stretching the brain increases productivity and innovative thinking. Whether you choose to adventure outside, take part in some friendly competition, or beat the heat and the clock at the same time, summer team building activities are sure to make your team functions better.

Outdoor Adventure Activities

Nothing builds bonds and camaraderie quite like going outside. Outdoor team building activities are great for the summer! Whether it’s exploring your local city and its culture or getting down to the beach for some fun in the sun, everyone loves moving their bodies and breathing the fresh air.

Explore the City & Its Culture

A team jumping for a photo outside.
Everyone loves celebrating summer team building outside!

A great summer team building activity! Explore all that Chicago has to offer with the Windy City Experience

In this unique excursion, teams enjoy the fresh air as they explore the Windy City like a local! Participants get moving with a personalized tour using mobile devices equipped with our exclusive adventure app and Google Maps to navigate through the city. At designated hotspots along the way, teams will dive into Chicago’s rich history — tackling trivia questions and engaging in entertaining challenges in a spirited and collaborative competition!

Ride the El, take a water taxi, and sample Chicago’s great eats.The Windy City Experience is a great summer outdoor team building activity that everyone will love.

Beach Games

Compete in fun games on the beach!

What’s a better summer team building activity than a beach day? Throw in some fun (yet friendly) competition, and you have the Beach Battle Olympiad!

It’s all about fun, team work, and a little physical activity. This spirited competition has teams working together to compete in a series of contests to determine who is “King (or Queen) of the Beach” and who just has sand in their shorts! 

Creative Activities

Maybe your team prefers to let their imagination and innovation soar. Creative team building activities are great ways to build teamwork and have fun, while also exploring different tastes or reminiscing about being a kid.

Make Your Own Food Festivals

Stir things up creating your very own food truck!
Or shake up a new tradition with your team!

Lollapalooza, The Windy City Smokeout, a random Tuesday night on Navy Pier — summer is the season of festivals and eating outside. Why not bring everyone together and have your own food festival?

Design, craft, and market your very own mobile eatery with Food Truck Frenzy! Teams compete in fun challenges to earn ingredients and supplies to make the food truck of their dreams, and then present their concept and dishes to a panel of judges.

Or spice things up a little with the Sassy Salsa Showdown! A great summer team building activity that combines fresh ingredients with team work, ingenuity, and a hint of lime.

Or shake up your next happy hour by learning how to make the next cocktail of the summer. We’ll provide the Master Mixologist, the bar kits, and the vibes, you bring your eager team.

All of these are great summer team building activities that explore different cultures, and help your colleagues foster better relationships with each other.

Play Like Kids

Let your inner child soar!

Summer team building activities are great at bringing out our inner child, so why not lean into that with Kids @ Heart. Bringing the fun and creativity of the playground into the meeting room, Kids @ Heart has teams competing in classic games and activities, earning pieces of care packages that will be donated to a local organization benefiting children in need. Fly paper airplanes, create Play-Doh masterpieces, and beat the heat with this creative summer team building activity.

Competitive and Fun Games

Ramp up the fun with some competitive summer team building activities!

Corporate Olympiad

Light the Olympic Flame inside your team.

The torches are lit, the flags are waving, and representatives from around the office are primed and ready to compete in games to take home medals. Corporate Olympiad has teams taking part in a series of Olympic-themed challenges, including making their own flags, maneuvering through the Olympic Rings, and wrestling with some unconventional puzzles to earn medals. This competitive summer team building activity is sure to leave your team feeling on top of the world.

Escape Rooms

Teams use their collective skills to unpack evidence and solve clues to escape. Presented at team tables or on mobile devices, we dare you to band together and break free from our Escape Room concepts!


Whether your team enjoys the sunshine or needs to beat the heat indoors, getting together for some fun summer team building activities is guaranteed to bring your co-workers closer. Teams that have fun together, function better, becoming more efficient through stronger bonds and better communication.

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Top 5 Team Building Themes for Foodies

Food brings people together. Inspire team building by gathering everyone for some fun around a prep table! We encourage friendly competition at our events so teams compete in challenges to win bonus ingredients. Of course taste testing is also a requirement! We hope you get inspired to try some of these mouthwatering activities!