Holiday Live Events

Celebrate the season with a lively game-sharing experience! We offer several options to bring your team together and spread cheer at your in person holiday party.


iQuiz Jingle & Mingle - In Person Logo

Celebrate the season with a festive in-person team experience! iQuiz Jingle & Mingle is the perfect way to bring your team together during the holidays.

iEscape: Scrooge's Study - In Person Logo

Spice up your holiday party with a themed escape room. You and your colleagues are stuck in Scrooge’s study and must act quickly to escape before you are discovered!

Toy Building Workshop Logo

Bring on the spirit of helping others in need! Colleagues and associates network as they assemble and decorate toys for a local non-profit organization. The event is capped off when, unbeknownst to participants; select children from the charity arrive to receive their newly created toys!

iQuest Chicago Logo

Immerse your group in the Windy City as teams take on iQuest Chicago – the ultimate high-tech, adventure hunt played through iPads or mobile devices!

Armed with our interactive app as tour guide, teams navigate to designated hotspots on the GPS-integrated map, learn about Chicago’s history, answer trivia questions and complete entertaining photo and video challenges.

iQuiz for a Cause - Holiday Edition - In Person Logo

A new twist on an old tradition! Bring your remote team together for a festive and heart-warming occasion – and an opportunity to give back to your favorite cause!


Team Brainium Game Show Logo

Teams revel in the excitement of this curiously different kind of game show as they compete in a variety of brainteasers, visual puzzles, trivia questions, physical and creative challenges infused with popular game show elements. Our spirited emcee keeps everyone entertained in this interactive contest of smarts, creativity, and quick thinking!

Game Night Live! Logo

Gather your colleagues and co-workers together for an outrageous night of hilarious party games! In a unique twist on charades, taboo, guess-that-word and trivia, these games really keep participants on their toes! Teams showcase their knowledge, compete head-to-head, make new friends and uncover inside jokes. Games are challenging enough to keep teams guessing, and familiar enough so that everyone can participate and have a blast! Unplug. Connect. Laugh. Play!

iQuest Around the World - Festive Edition - In Person Logo

Grab your passport and get ready for a virtual globe-trotting trip celebrating festivals and holidays around the world! iQuest is a lively game-sharing experience that tests teams’ travel acumen, communications skills and creativity as they learn about unique traditions of different nations across the globe!

Social Scavenger Hunt Logo

Get ready for a networking extravaganza at your next meeting or conference! Featuring a series of exciting challenges, social media interaction and fast-paced bonding activities, Social Scavenger Hunt is designed to elevate your attendee experience. 

In It To Win It Logo

Games begin in 3…2…1! Contestants fly into action to compete in a thrilling series of “In It To Win It” challenges, where teams race against the clock to conquer tasks like stacking cups, balancing balls, and assembling puzzles within a swift 60 seconds. Does your team have what it takes to become the One Minute Masters?

Trapped in the Tropics Logo

Your team finds itself marooned on a remote island with seemingly no escape. Fragments of a treasure map surface, offering a glimmer of hope for a way home. But the clock is ticking! A typhoon is about to make landfall! You must collaborate to escape the island within 60 minutes, or forever be Trapped in the Tropics!

iQuest For a Cause Logo

Have fun doing good with iQuest For a Cause! Utilizing our iPads with the latest GPS and Image Recognition technology, teams hit the streets and stores of Chicago (or other fun shop-til-you-drop area) in search of adventure and items for a local charity.