Get Your Team Outside

A team jumping for a photo outside.
Spring is springing all around!

It turns out that our parents might have been on to something. Over the past few years there has been a grassroots movement gaining momentum in which doctors have begun prescribing their patients time outside. As that sample set has grown we’ve begun to notice more and more benefits for a growing list of common ailments — both mentally and physically. Benefits range from reduced heart disease and depression symptoms to increased creativity and better focus. 

The benefits of the great outdoors extend beyond the personal and into the interpersonal dynamics of teams. Team members find themselves more engaged in the workplace after interacting outside. That’s why we here at Corporate Event Interactive love getting outside, and it’s why we’ve designed a number of programs to get you and your team outside as well!

A Breath of Fresh Air Goes a Long Way

A team pretends to lose a member in a small waterfall.
Reach a greater potential outside.

Inside of the office is overloaded with stimuli. There’s the obvious ones such as the blue light from computer screens and the ringing of phones, but there’s also the subtle flicker of fluorescent lights and the imperceptible hum of electricity — all of which forces the body to release the stress hormone cortisol. Heightened levels of cortisol have been linked to heart disease, weight gain, and a suppressed immune system. Step outside, and the body starts to flush all of that away. Plus, according to the USDA, a mature tree will provide enough daily oxygen for four people. That goes a long way to mitigating the effects of asthma, as well as promoting a higher brain function.

Now why would a company built around bringing you exceptional events and making your meetings unforgettable bother with all of these reports about health benefits and better breathing? It’s simple, we care about you and your team. We understand how these benefits go beyond the singular and can revamp the workplace into a more connected environment with increased productivity.

How to Get Everyone Outside?

We’ve curated experiences and programs to get your team outside, while also cultivating relationships and promoting your goals and objectives. Each and every one is entirely customizable and can accommodate groups of all sizes. 

iQuest Chicago

Explore the history of our beloved city while completing exciting challenges and answering trivia in and around famous Chicago landmarks. Our app-based scavenger hunt takes your team on an interactive tour of the Windy City unlike any other.

Event logo for Corporate Olympiad

Corporate Olympiad

The torch is lit and the flags are going up! These aren’t your traditional Olympic Games though. Compete in olympic-themed challenges like maneuvering through the rings, sweeping soccer balls through a course, and run a marathon with a javelin – er, pool noodle – between the team.  All the while earning points to take home the gold medal.

iQuiz Summer Social 

Soak up the sunshine while completing whimsical challenges during this refreshing summer-themed experience. Teams work their ways through our customizable app-based game board, while also competing in randomized pop-up challenges from our professional emcee. When time is up and the points are tabulated, we crown the winners of summer.


Don’t wait until the weather changes to schedule your spring and summer events. Check out any of the above and see what else we have to offer here. I have to admit that it was really hard to write all of this while sitting inside and staring out the window. I’m gonna go for a run now. Schedule your outdoor event now! 

Every New Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning’s End

The end of another year is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect, and to take stock of all that we’ve accomplished. We here at Corporate Event Interactive have been so fortunate to play a role with so many companies this year who sought to come together, some for the first time. Seeing all of these faces join together to give back to the community or to go on a scavenger hunt or just to mingle and play some friendly games has been a joy for us.

One of the winning team’s at a Bike Building Workshop.

Team building turns a company into a community. It could be as simple as sharing little known facts or as complex as solving a series of riddles to escape from a deserted island. Our aim at CEI is to get your team out of the cubicle (or bedroom turned office) and into a state of play. This play-state breaks down the barriers between coworkers and helps them connect in a deeper, more meaningful way. Our CEI team makes sure that everyone becomes engaged and gets to know each other — developing deeper bonds and helping them function more effectively and efficiently.

As we close this chapter called 2022, we are excited to see what’s next for you. We know that the past few years have not been easy, but we are ready to help where we can. The workplace continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing world we live in, and our CEI team is overjoyed that you trust us to help your company become a community.