Team Building Trends & Networking News: Let’s Go Green in 2024!

Hi Everyone!

The trend toward sustainable events is gaining momentum as we roll into 2024! Reduce, reuse and recycle are familiar mantras, and companies are now getting more creative with sustainability being top of mind. This is the year we shout, “Go Green!”

There are some ways that are sweeping events in an attempt to green-ify the industry. It starts with selecting a venue that also has a focus on green initiatives. Then choosing a more central location to shorten everyone’s trip will cut down on transportation emissions (hint: Chicago is a very central location with a robust public transportation network). Also, choosing eco-friendly swag will encourage all attendees to continue their sustainability efforts long after the event’s over.

Our team at CEI embraces this initiative and is offering NEW team building activities that promote a greener lifestyle and actively give back to the planet and our global community. Check out some of our programs below that can be customized to your event. We look forward to making a greener, more sustainable 2024 with you!

Go Green!


Welcome to the Clean Water Challenge, an immersive team-building experience that fosters camaraderie while creating a global impact.

Through a series of dynamic and interactive activities, teams learn about the mechanics of water filtration, gaining an appreciation for the vital role of clean water in sustaining life.

Experience the thrill of The Green Team Challenge, where teams delve into exhilarating eco-challenges that go beyond the usual ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ approach. Teams engage in a series of unique green-focused trivia and tasks right in the meeting room. They earn valuable points and bragging rights on the way to being crowned Champions of Sustainability.

Bring your team together to make an impact with Creating a Buzz, an exciting team-building event with meaningful sustainability impact. Explore the world of bees and their vital role in our ecosystem through ecological trivia questions and buzz-worthy challenges.


  1. Invest in live office plants, not only do they add literal green, they also recycle all of the CO2 in the building into fresh oxygen.
  2. Promote the use of reusable water bottles and coffee/tea mugs.
  3. Limit the need for printed materials, opting instead for document sharing platforms like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. Turn off the lights and other non-essential equipment during off hours to conserve energy.
  5. Support a hybrid working environment to cut down on the amount of travel your employees need to make into/out of the office.
  6. Have fresh filtered water bottle fillers (not the old jugs). Bonus points: add a machine like Bevi to cut down on all those LaCroix cans.
  7. Check out an organization like Circularly to find ways that you can be a part of a circular economy and promote better corporate sustainability.


Sustainability in Chicago

Chicago is a leader of innovative environmental initiatives, and sustainability is a key focus of its policies. Chicago is integrating sustainability in the places residents work, live, learn, and play while preparing for a resilient future.
Contact CEI today to see how we can craft a custom sustainable event for your team!